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A.) The driving licence application
costs 60€ and covers the TM (Transport Malta) processing fees -23,25€ too. The temporary Learner Permit it is issued by TM and it is valid for a period of time mentioned on it. To apply for driving lessons students must be eighteen years or over, residing in Malta for more than 6 months and possessing a Maltese Identity Card. Once registered for their a provisional driving licence with Transport Malta the students are fully insured. If you are already having lessons or you are registered driving lessons with another motoring school and would like to change to our school all you need is to fill up the Change of Motoring school and this will be forward to TM by the school. The Change of Motoring school is free of charge.

B.)The Theory Test
fee is 30,25€. Appointments can be done on: free-phone 8007 2393

tel: 2122 7190.

The students will receive the material for the theory test. If the students are in need of assistance to pass the theory this can be offer for free.

I encourage you to check the level of your knowledge, before proceeding with your theory exam through the following free app www.maltadriving.com

C.)The driving test
The fee of the driving test is 70€. From this sum 23,25€ represents the fee for TM. On the day of your driving test you need to provide you ID card or Passport. The appointed examiner will ask you to read a number plate to fill up the vision test. Before starting the practical test the examiner might ask you a couple of questions. The list of those questions will be given by the instructor in efficient time before the test. As well you can find it on this web-site under "Guidelines for Conducting Practical Tests"
The instructor will assist you for your driving test.


  • 18 Euro / hour
  • 36 euro / double lesson
  • Application fee 60 Euro
  • Driving test fee 70 Euro
    The instructor assist you during the Driving test and, if possible, drop you back at home.
  • Change of motoring school is free of charges


We have a good knowledge of test routes so we can help you to be successful on the day of your test.


Tel: 79 57 07 07
Email: midrivingmalta[at]gmail.com

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